World Cup scores: Brazil vs. Cameroon, Serbia vs. Switzerland; Uruguay eliminated, South Korea advanced

The final day of FIFA 2022 World Cup group stage action continues as Brazil face Cameroon and Switzerland take on Serbia in Group G. The Brazilians are the only team from the group to have qualified for the knockout stage as the remaining three hope to end the day. having earned the final spot.

The action kicked off with a bang in Group H as Uruguay’s 2-0 win over Ghana was not enough to advance as South Korea’s 2-1 win over Cristiano’s Portugal was enough to put them through to the knockout stages. Portugal won the group despite the loss and advanced to the round of 16 as well.

Group G table and scenarios

Brazil 2 2-0-0 +3 6
Switzerland 2 1-0-1 3
Cameroon 2 0-1-1 -1 1
Serbia 2 0-1-1 -2 1
  • Brazil: Through to the last 16, can win the group with a win or draw versus Cameroon or a Switzerland loss.
  • Switzerland: Can make the last 16 with a win or draw against Serbia. Can win the group with a win, a Brazil loss, and making up the goal difference of three.
  • Cameroon: Can make the last 16 with a win versus Brazil and a Switzerland loss. Can also make the last 16 with a win against Brazil by more than one goal and a draw between Switzerland and Serbia.
  • Serbia: Can make the last 16 with a win versus Switzerland and a Cameroon loss.

Group H

Portugal 3 2-0-1 +2 6
Republic of Korea 3 1-1-1 4
Uruguay 3 1-1-1 4
Ghana 3 1-0-2 -2 3
  • Portugal: Group winners.
  • Ghana: Second place on goal difference.
  • Uruguay: Eliminated.
  • Ghana: Eliminated.
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World Cup fixtures

Friday, Dec. 2

  • Uruguay 2, Ghana 0
  • South Korea 2, Portugal 1
  • Cameroon vs. Brazil, 2:00 pm ET
  • Serbia vs. Switzerland, 2:00 pm ET

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