Tonga covered in ash and mystery after a powerful volcanic eruption

Authorities closed several beaches in Peru on Sunday, warning of unusual wave activity.

Deaths in Peru are reminiscent of the aftermath of a powerful tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake in December 2004 that killed more than 250,000 people in Indonesia. A dozen died then Were hit by waves On the east coast of Africa, in Kenya and Tanzania.

In Tonga on Sunday, many residents lost not only communications but also power. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Crescent Society say up to 80,000 people could be affected Told the BBC.

An immediate need was clear: drinking water.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ms. Artern said: “The gray cloud has caused pollution as you can imagine. It is already on top of a challenging environment, in terms of water supply.”

New Zealand and other countries in the region have pledged to help rescue Tonga. So is the United States. But with the high concentration of aerial ash the planes were impossible, and it was even harder to figure out what was needed.

Ms. Atern said flights to Tonga are scheduled for Monday or Tuesday, depending on the conditions in the ash. The New Zealand Navy is also preparing a backup plan, if the ash is heavy, he said.

In A post on Twitter, US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken expressed his condolences: “The people of Tonga are deeply concerned about the recovery after the eruption and the tsunami. The United States is ready to extend support to our Pacific neighbors.

Tonga has been experiencing a series of natural disasters in recent years. In 2018, Type 5 tropical storm Geeta destroyed more than 170 homes and killed two people. In 2020, Hurricane Harold occurred Damage of about $ 111 million, Including extensive flooding.

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