The mayor asked, ‘Where is our governor?’

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Government of Florida Ron DisantisThe office was withdrawn after the Sunshine state mayor asked where Desantis was amid a growing number of corona virus cases across the country.

Jerry Demings, Democratic Mayor of Orange County in Florida, attacked Descondes at a news conference Tuesday, saying in the midst of increasing Govt cases, residents in the state should be “outraged” by the absence of Desandis in front of the media during the spike.

The mayor of Miami Beach tells CNN that government. Desantis has decided to become a ‘champion’ without being vaccinated

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis welcomes the Fox Nation Patriot Awards for Sunshine State.

“Our residents, all Florida residents should be outraged, and they should ask the question, now, where is our state? Where is our governor?” Demings Said. “Where is Ron Desantis now? When was the last time you saw the governor’s press conference on Govt-19?”

The governor’s office was attacked by Democrats on Thursday, and a communications employee wrote on Twitter that it did not mean that Desantis was taking a vacation because he did not plan public events.

“Just information, [DeSantis] Not on vacation. No one from our office said he was, “said Kyle Lamb, a Disney employee.

“Anyone who pushes it can easily see the public table, and he’s seen taking calls and appointments last week,” he continued. “No public events =” Holidays. “”

Democrats in Florida have accused D’Santis of failing to act because of the rising number of Govt cases in the state and the spread of Republican governor Omigran’s dissent.

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Democrat Miami Beach Mayor Dan Kelber recently appeared on CNN’s New Day show, accusing Desantis of being “champion” without being vaccinated.

Kelber’s attacks on Desantis came just days before Representative Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes, DNY, was spotted in Miami with a companion.

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