The latest trailer for the untitled film shows a borderline insult to the laws of physics

At one time it may seem impossible, but Untitled (The long-awaited movie adaptation Of the Naughty Talk Game series) is actually coming to theaters early next year, with no other delays for the film to be ready in a decade.

The new trailer also gives a better idea of ​​what to expect from the movie: as teased, the film is a spiritual introduction to the characters known and loved by those who play on PlayStation games. Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is at the beginning of his career as a treasure hunter (although the trailer already shows that he will wear the character brand Henley and Holster), while ‘Stoch-less’ Sally (Mark Wallberg) is his gateway to the world of thieves. The two will face the new villain Moncata (played by Antonio Panderas), who fights to find the $ 5 billion loot from Explorer Magellan. Table shares for a Untitled Storyline, really.

Make sure there are no boats or helicopters working

And there are still some big question marks on how different it is Untitled‘S characters are viewed from their game counterparts, and the film draws clear inspiration from the series’ high-flying action sequences, capturing the Flying Man battles and a Great-hubping plane sequence. Unspecified 3: Drake’s Cheat.

Uncharted is set to hit theaters on February 18th Sony offers free tickets For customers purchasing or upgrading an upcoming PS5 Remaster Untitled: The Legacy of Thieves Collection.

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