The FDA will permanently allow abortion pills by mail

For example, a research project approved by the FDA to provide telemedicine advice and send pills by mail Reported Of the 1,157 abortions performed through the program between May 2016 and September 2020, 95 percent were completed without the need for any follow-up procedure. Patients visited emergency rooms or emergency care centers 70 times, with 10 cases reported serious complications.

Medical groups have argued that if patients had to go to clinics to receive abortion pills by 2020, they would be at greater risk of contracting the corona virus, eliminating the need for in-person delivery due to infection. A The judge granted the request That summer, however, after a challenge from the Trump administration, The The Supreme Court re-imposed the ban.

In March, medical systems tried again. Letter to President Biden and Vice President Harris. In April, the FDA decided Personal need should not be enforced For periods of infections, tablets are allowed to be mailed. The new FDA decision makes the suspension permanent.

Experience since April suggests that more women will seek drug abortion if they do not need to see a pill giver. Abortion as neededLeah Coplan, director of abortion for medical operations at Demand, said that the company, which emerged this spring as one of several companies operating telemedicine consulting services and dispensing pills, has seen a gradual increase in interest.

Dell Abortion Plan, FDA approved research program Elizabeth Raymond, senior medical associate at Gynuity Health Projects, which runs the program, said more women were being asked to conduct telemedicine appointments and mail pills. He said one-third of the 2,083 abortions provided under the program between July 2016 and October 2021 – 715 – occurred during the epidemic.

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Kirsten Moore, director of the Expanded Drug Abortion Access Program, said abortion rights advocates believe abortion rights activists will remove the other two restrictions related to mifepristone, especially because providers need to be certified because women are not necessarily needed. You can get the pills from their regular doctor or clinic.

Nonetheless, Ms. Moore said she hopes drug abortions will become more available to open appointments for women who need a surgical abortion by creating “more space in the abortion environment for patients who need to be hospitalized”.

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