Sunday Night Football: The Saints dominated 9-0 and stunned the Buccaneers.

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For whatever reason, the Saints continue a bad match for the Buccaneers in the regular season.

Despite the absence of head coach Sean Baton, who missed the game after a positive test for Covid-19, New Orleans used a dominant defensive performance to beat the Buccaneers 9-0 on Sunday.

Quarterback Tom Brady 255 not closed in consecutive starts. It last happened again in 2006 when the Patriots lost to the Dolphins.

Brady finished the game 26-48 with a lost fumble for 214 yards and a 3:47 run in the fourth quarter. He was attacked seven times in total.

It was a banner day for defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, who also worked with Baton as acting head coach. Buchanan’s averaged just 4.1 yards out of 73 plays.

Defensive decision Cam Jordan, Who missed the Saints’ last game when Covid-19 was on the list, was leading with 2.0 excuses. New Orleans had a total of six tags for defeat in the tournament.

Sadly, the Saints did not get much out of the quarterback Daisy Hill Or runs back Alvin Camera. But they got enough to win. Hill crossed 27 154 yards for 13 and took 11 carries for 33 yards. Camara took two catches for 11 yards, 18 yards and 13 yards.

Recipient Marquez Canal He caught six passes for 112 yards to lead the team and lead the game.

Although Tampa Bay welcomes the receiver back Antonio Brown After his three-game suspension on Monday, he lost several key players during the game. Recipients Mike Evans (Femur) and Chris Godwin (Knee) left the game and did not return in the first half. Then runs back Leonard Fornett (Femur) left the game in the third quarter. That absence was significant, but New Orleans defense was effective even when those players were on the field.

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Buchanan would have won the NFC South title with a bang. Instead we have to wait another week. At 10-4, Tampa Bay will play the Panthers, Jets and Panthers to finish the 2021 season.

At 7-7, the Saints are still in the playoffs. They will be at home against the dolphins and panthers and finish the year on track against the Falcons.

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