Saints Rookie QB Ian book aims to capture ‘incredible opportunity’ against dolphins

After Daisy Hill and Trevor Simeon landed on the Reserve / Govt list, they remained the only quarterback on the Saints list. Ian Book You do not have to think long and hard to find out who is next in line.

“I did the math there very quickly,” she teased through the book on Friday Associated Press.

Are saints Getting ready to start the book on Monday night Against the Dolphins, NFL Network insider Ian Rapbord and NFL Network’s Tom Belisero said on Thursday. While Hill or Simeon are likely to test the Govt-19 protocols that will be implemented through the game on Monday, the third string rookie is mentally preparing himself.

“I plan to play,” Book said. “You can’t flip that switch on Monday morning, you’re trying to be ready. It’s not working like that, especially in the quarterback state.”

The book was a fourth-round pick in the Saints’ 2021 NFL Draft and the 23-year-old has had plenty of great sporting experience during the three years he was a starter at Notre Dame. The book’s 30 total hits are the highest in the program’s rich history, and his 72 touchdown passes are the second highest for Irish players after Brady Quinn (95).

“He played in real big games and he’s consistently done it – if you measure wins and losses – he’s better than any quarterback in Notre Dame history,” Payton said Friday. “Obviously, there is a change to this position, but I think he’s ready for the challenge.”

While expressing confidence in Baton’s book, he says that a team that has to deal with a number of shortcomings due to Covit-19, including key players such as linebacker Demario Davis and tackle due to Covit-19, needs coaching staff and total team effort. Ryan Ramsick And security Malcolm Jenkins. Senior QB Blake Portiles signed a backup of the book by the Saints on Friday.

“He’s going to do well. He’s excited about the opportunity,” Baden added. “Giving him the right things related to the game and the place where we are under attack is in our hands.”

The book said: “This whole team is behind me. I feel like all of these people are following me. To hear it all, I’m so excited to have had a chance, so wonderful.”

2021 will be New Orleans’ fourth opening QB book, the turbulent season for the crime that James Winston endured tearing up his ACL. Week 8, Wide Michael Thomas‘A non-existent throughout the season due to Chronic ankle injury, Star Alvin runs behind the camera (knee) Out for a whole month, And Pro Bowl Ryan Ramsick and Deron Armsted did not get a fair share of the games due to injury.

Upon entering the 16th week, the Saints are in the bubble NFC playoff movie And the Red-Hot Dolphins (7-7) face the team straight for a seventh win. As the book prepares, a schedule is set for a rocking prime-time game in New Orleans.

“This is an incredible opportunity,” the book said. “I do not know what it’s like. I’ve played great games, but I think it’s great, frankly. We’re professionals now, it’s Monday night football.”

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