Prince Harry’s ghostwriter defends memoir’s ‘inadvertent mistakes’

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter is addressing the differences between “memory and fact” as the “Spare” memoir’s Errors make headlines.

JR Moehringer took to Twitter on Wednesday to brush off “inadvertent mistakes” with a quote from “The Art of Memoir” by Mary Karr.

“The line between memory and fact is blurry, interpretation and fact,” the excerpt reads.

“There are inadvertent mistakes of those kinds out of the wazoo.”

The tweet came one day after the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex’s The memoir hit US bookshelves.

Harry didn’t hold back in his bombshell tell-all, even accusing Prince William of physically assaulting him in 2019.

JR Moehringer stands behind a podium in a suit
Prince Harry’s ghostwriter defended “inadvertent mistakes” in “Spare.”
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Prince Harry's memoir, "spare," is displayed at a bookstore
The author noted the “blurry” line between facts and memories.
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Eagle-eyed readers have accused the former military pilot of making “factual errors” in the memoir.

The duke, for example asserted that he was at boarding school when he found out about the Queen Mother’s death in March 2002, with multiple reports setting the record straight.

Prince Harry waves in a blue shirt
Harry’s memoir hits bookshelves Tuesday.
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The then-teenager was reportedly on a Switzerland ski trip at the time with William and King Charles III.

Harry also wrote that he is King Henry VI’s “great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather,” but many social media users have pointed out that the sovereign only had one son, who died in battle before having children. of his own.

Prince Harry sits on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" set
The Duke of Sussex has called the book the correct “history.”
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“Prince Harry cannot even fact-check his own family tree given that he remains under the impression he is descended from King Henry VI, whose son died childless at 17,” one person wrote. “But sure, let’s all believe.”

In addition, Air New Zealand clarified to the New Zealand Herald that they “never operated flights” between Mexico and Great Britain after Harry recalled buying a “first-class ticket” of the like for Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle.

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The prince has yet to address the inaccuracies, telling Stephen Colbert on Tuesday that his book is “history [getting] it right.”

Prince Harry salutes in uniform
Harry has been accused of “factual errors.”
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Twitter users Poked fun at this statement in their replies to Moehringer’s tweet.

“The problem with his facts being off is that he is writing this for ‘history’,” one wrote, while another called the excuse “gashlighting.”

Others, however, praised the “Tender Bar” author for helping Harry “speak his truth so clearly.”

Buckingham Palace told Page Six last week it would not be commenting on any allegations in “Spare.”

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