On Jan. 6, the committee saps up individuals tied to fake voter push

If the Republicans succeeded in denying the certificate of genuine electoral votes that Joe Biden won, then the GOP leaders of the states would serve as “presidents” and “secretaries” on pseudo-voter slots designed as alternatives.

The plan did not work, and then-Vice President Mike Pence testified to the election results when the congressional session reconvened on January 6 after being disrupted by a mob of pro-Trump rebels.

“The selection committee is looking for information on efforts in several states to change the 2020 election results, including planning and coordination of efforts to send the erroneous list of voters to the National Archives,” said Democrat Benny Thompson, who chairs the committee. , This volume of saponins. “We hope that the people we sap with today have information about how the so-called alternative voters met and who is behind that plan.”

The group claims in its Sapona letters that they have these fake voter certificates from the National Archives. The panel says it has documents showing that these delegates sent fake voters to Congress “as a justification to delay or prevent the certification of the election,” especially when Benz was chairman of the Senate. 2020 Presidential Election. The panel received more than 700 pages from the National Archives last week, following a Supreme Court ruling that former President Donald Trump could not prevent the panel from gaining access.

The committee subpoenaed the following chairman and secretary to each committee known as the alternative selectors. Each state pair is listed as chairman and secretary, respectively:

  • Nancy Jungle and Lorraine Bellegrino from Arizona. Is in the jungle Listed She was vice chair of the group on the Arizona Federation of Republican Women website.
  • David Schaefer and Shawn are still from Georgia. Schaefer is the head of the Georgia GOP Was a plaintiff Some of Trump’s long lawsuits to cancel elections in Georgia. Georgia is still the financial head of the GOP Running To the Georgia Senate seat.
  • Kathy Burton and Myra Rodriguez from Michigan. Burton was a national committee woman on the Republican National Committee and served as Trump’s representative at the 2016 GOP conference. Rodriguez lost the Michigan House seat in 2020.
  • Jules Poutrell and Deborah Mestas from New Mexico. Powdrell recently Said The Albuquerque Journal reports that he signed the forged certificate on the orders of former Representative Steve Pierce, the head of the New Mexico GOP. Mestos Before Served in that role, directing the state GOP.
  • Michael McDonald and James D. Grafenreid from Nevada. McDonald is the Nevada GOP President and Reported False voter fraud in 2020 encouraged claims. DeGraffenreid’s Facebook page He says he is a member of the RNC’s National Committee in Nevada.
  • The group championed Phil Bachenberg and Lisa Patton of Pennsylvania. Bachenberg is A team member National Rifle Association and Spoke In support of Trump fundraising in 2020.
  • Andrew Hit and Kelly Ruh from Wisconsin. The hit is the former Chairman Employee of Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin GOP. There is Ruh Alderburson at present From the city of de Pere.
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CNN has approached all the people who have been sabotaged by the team, and no one has yet responded to a request for comment.

Sapona Letters invites all persons to submit documents by February 11 and to be present for deposits throughout February.

The “alternative” slate of the selectors pays great attention not only to the selection committee’s inquiry but also to other inquiries. U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco told CNN this week that the judiciary is investigating an attempt to determine if there is any criminal wrongdoing after receiving requests for an investigation from lawmakers and state officials.

The attempt to file fake election statements had direct links to the Trump campaign. CNN reports that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has coordinated efforts to create fake credentials among Republicans in seven states.

One source said there had been several planning calls between Trump campaign officials and GOP state activists, and that Giuliani had participated in at least one call. The Trump campaign lined up supporters to fill voter seats, secured meeting rooms at the State House to meet them on December 14, 2020, and distributed drafts of forged certificates.

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