Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine

Oleksandr Svidlo, the acting mayor of the town of Berdyansk on the southern coast of Ukraine, has said that Russian forces have entered and taken control of the town.

Berdyansk, which has a small naval base, has a population of about 100,000.

Svidlo posted a message to the town’s residents on his Facebook page Sunday which said, “A few hours ago, you and I witnessed how heavy military equipment and armed soldiers entered the city and began advancing throughout our hometown. As soon as I learned about that , I tried to inform all the residents of the city so that you have the opportunity to hide in shelters. “

Svidlo continued: “Some time ago, armed soldiers entered the executive committee building and introduced themselves as soldiers of the Russian army, they informed us that all administrative buildings were under their control and that they were taking control of the executive committee building.”

Svidlo said that officials were asked to continue working, “but under the control of armed men. I consider this proposal unacceptable, so we, as all members of the operational headquarters, left the building of the executive committee.”

Svidlo ended his post, saying, “Today Berdyansk was on the line of fire. I do not know what tomorrow will be like, but I think tonight will be very, very hard.”

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