LA County detects first ‘fluorona’ case, which is a co-infection of the flu, Govt.

The first “fluorona” co-infection of the flu and corona virus has been detected in Los Angeles County, according to a corona virus testing site.

Steve Farsham, chief operating officer of the 911 Govt test, said a case involving a teenager was discovered four days ago at a test site near the Getty Center in Brentwood. The teen, who tested positive for both influenza and Govt, had just returned from a family vacation in Mexico.

“This is the first thing we know,” Farsam said. “In itself, it is not overly concerned; However, it can be relevant and complicated for those with pre-existing medical conditions and those with weakened immune systems. “

Influenza and Govt-19 are infectious respiratory diseases but they are caused by different viruses. Because some symptoms are similar, testing is needed to confirm the diagnosis Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Israel recently confirmed the first case of someone suffering from both the flu and Govt-19 Times of Israel. Infections are said to be diagnosed in an unvaccinated pregnant woman with mild symptoms.

The World Health Organization says it can be affected by both diseases at the same time. The organization says that the best way to prevent hospitalization and acute illness is to be vaccinated separately against both diseases. On its website.

In Los Angeles County, a family of five returned from a week-long trip to Cabo San Lucas and immediately visited the 911 Govt testing site because one of the teens had a runny nose, Farsam said. Prior to the trip, the family – all LA County residents – said they had been tested negative for the corona virus.

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When the site used a joint test for both influenza and Govt-19, it tested positive for both teens. Farsham said he had no serious symptoms and was recovering at home. The next day, the boy’s mother was diagnosed with Covit-19.

According to Farsham, the girl was not vaccinated against both diseases.

“Double punch has been provided,” Farsham said. “We urge everyone to be vaccinated. … If it is predicted, it can be prevented.

In an email, the LA County Department of Public Health stated that “simultaneous infection with more than one respiratory virus is very common and there is no reason to expect SARS-CoV-2 to be an exception to this rule.”

“We have not monitored these events properly and can not tell you how often they occurred,” health officials said in a statement.

According to the CDC Influenza vaccination rates This year is less than previous years, and the best way to prevent infection at the same time is to “vaccinate against both the influenza and the Govit-19 vaccine, which are both highly effective and can be administered simultaneously.”

Just before 9 a.m. Wednesday, there was a queue of people waiting to be tested at the 911 Govt test site in Brentwood. Farsam estimated that hundreds of cars were waiting.

“We’re busier than ever,” Farsam said. “There seems to be no end in sight. After the New Year, we all made the New Year’s resolution that we would see the curve flat. Unfortunately, our dream came true and our New Year’s resolutions were crushed early.

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