Holiday flights are canceled due to problems with Covit-19 personnel and bad weather

Data from the FlightAware website shows that more than 4,731 flights were canceled worldwide on Saturday – the largest day ever canceled since the start of Christmas Eve. At least 2,739 were canceled inside or outside the US.

FlightAware already showed 2,207 flights canceled in the United States on Sunday, and the global cancellation reached 3,755. Sunday is usually the busiest travel day of the week, and this Sunday may be the busiest travel day as the Christmas holidays and New Year’s week end. The traffic safety administration said Thursday that it expects to test 10 million people from Friday to Monday.

Southwest, JetBlue, Delta and American Airlines each had more than 100 canceled flights on Sunday, leading Southwest 264. According to FlyAware data, Jet Blue canceled 16% of its operations.

Airlines have canceled more than 14,000 flights in the last 10 days, including Sunday and Christmas Eve, according to CNN data from FlightAware.

This problem will continue into next week as it will only take time for airlines to recover from the weather problems. More than 310 U.S. flights have already been canceled on Monday.

The cancellations were entirely for American carriers. The big four on Saturday: Southwest cancellation 13%, Delta 10%, American and United 8%.

One Call flights departing from Chicago O’Hare on Sunday were canceled, after 44% of flights from O’Hare were canceled on Saturday, while 54% of flights from Midway were canceled.

Allegiant canceled 27% or 64 flights on its Saturday schedule. Spokeswoman Hillary Gray acknowledged problems with the weather and Covit-19 personnel.

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“As you mentioned, we are continuing an unusual number of cancellations this week – due to some severe weather and some other factors – including unforeseen employee vulnerabilities from COVID experienced by other airlines.

“We can not predict the current impact of these factors, but we expect additional delays and cancellations this week, unfortunately. Or other compensation. “

A perfect storm

The airline already handles the Omicron variant, which has come up with one Unprecedented spike Covit-19 cases and many flight attendants were unable to work. Federal Aviation Administration Has always warned And its own Staff do a positive test, which can control flights.

Now a new challenge adds to the woes of travelers: a huge storm blows across the Rockies and Midwest, bringing snow and heavy snow. Nearly a quarter of flights at Kansas City International Airport were canceled Saturday. In Detroit, airlines canceled one of five flights.

Delta Airlines (From) CNN Business plans more than 200 to 300 of its more than 4,000 daily flights to be canceled during the holidays Weekend. It suggested that travelers in Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Seattle and the central and southern Rocky Mountains change their travel plans to suit the weather.
Southwest Airlines (LUV) He told CNN Business that all of its problems were caused by the weather.

The story was contributed by Chris Isidore and Ramisha Maroof of CNN Business.

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