Fox News Cameraman, Ukrainian Journalist Killed

Zelensky Calls on Canada’s Parliament to ‘Close the Sky’

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky addressed Canada’s Parliament Tuesday, thanking the country for its “steadfast” support and again asking for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“Can you imagine when you called your friends, your friendly nation, and you ask … please close the sky, close the airspace, please stop the bombing?” Zelensky asked.

“How many more missiles have to fall on our cities until you make this happen? And they express their deep concerns about the situation. When we talked with our partners, they said … please, hold on, hold on a little longer. “

Zelensky said 97 children have died since Russia began its invasion on February 24.

“Can you only imagine what words … how can you explain to your children?” Zelensky said. “That a full-scale aggression just happened in your country.”

“Please do not stop in your efforts, please expand your efforts to bring back peace in our peaceful country,” he concluded, his speech was met with a standing ovation.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced Zelensky, who joined lawmakers by video Tuesday. Trudeau praised Zelensky’s efforts to defend Ukraine.

“Volodymyr, in the years I’ve known you, I’ve always thought of you as a champion for democracy. And now democracies around the world are lucky to have you as our champion,” Trudeau said.

“You’re defending the right of Ukrainians to choose their own future, and in doing so, you’re defending the values ​​that form the pillars of all free democratic countries: freedom, human rights, justice, truth, international order,” Trudeau said. “These are the values ​​you’re risking your life for as you fight for Ukraine and Ukrainians.”

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