Chicago agreement with the Teachers Union to return to classrooms

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced an agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union on Monday to send students back to classrooms Wednesday following a controversy over corona virus protection that canceled a week of classes in the nation’s third-largest school district.

“No one is more frustrated than me,” Ms Lightfood said after the deal was reached. He added: “I’m glad we’ve put this behind us, but there’s a point when it’s enough.

The agreement, which city officials said includes arrangements for additional testing and measurements to close schools with major virus outbreaks, was approved by the union’s House of Representatives on Monday night, and a ranking and-poll is expected later in the week. File authors.

The teachers were expected to return to the school buildings on Tuesday and join the students the next day. Union leaders described the agreement as “incomplete” and criticized Ms Lightfoot’s, but said the agreement was needed because of the conditions teachers face in epidemics. “

“This agreement is the only protection for anyone stepping into Chicago’s public schools, especially in areas where testing is low and vaccination rates are low,” said Stacy Davis Gates, union secretary. President.

School leaders across the United States are eager to adjust to the highly contagious Omigran variant, which has pushed the number of daily cases in the country to record levels. Registration Hospital. As Biden management insists, most school districts have advanced with direct instruction, and sometimes individual students or classrooms are isolated when explosions occur. Some major counties, including Milwaukee and Cleveland, have switched classes online.

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But the debate in Chicago was uniquely bitter and unpredictable, with hundreds of thousands of children leaving class two days after the winter break and teachers vowing to stop reporting to their classrooms. The school district canceled the entire class without teaching online, as proposed by the union.

Leaders of Chicago Public Schools have stressed that viral precautions are in place and that suspending instruction in person would place an unfair burden on parents and could be detrimental to students’ academic and social progress. Union members said the schools were not safe, needed more testing and needed to temporarily switch classes online.

The Chicago area, like most of the country, has an average of more new cases each day than previous epidemics. While the Omigran variant is believed to cause less severe disease than previous forms of the virus, vaccinated individuals are less likely to experience severe side effects. However, the number of corona virus hospitals in Illinois has peaked since last winter and continues to rise sharply.

Mrs. Members of Lightfoot’s management have backed the school’s efforts to make classrooms safer, stressing that children from Govt-19 rarely face serious consequences. But their efforts to reassure parents and teachers sometimes failed. The district established an optional testing program during the winter break, but did not withdraw the 150,000 or more mail-in PCR tests issued to students; Most of what was there gave the wrong results.

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