Brian Cox calls Johnny Depp ‘over-grown, over-exaggerated’

Brian Cox Do not retreat In the new memoir, “Putting the rabbit in the hat” He calls on many celebrities to rub him in the wrong way, including “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp.

“It would have been a money spinner, but it’s so ungrateful in all parts of the film,” Cox, 75, wrote of his rejection of the governor’s part of the “Pirates” rights, which eventually went to Jonathan. Price. “Plus, I would have done it for film after film and missed all the other good things I did.”

He continued parts Retrieved by GQ, “Another thing about ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is that it’s Johnny Depp as ‘Jack Sparrow’, and Deb, I’m sure he’s. And so on மிதமிஞ்சிய, And so on Exaggerated. “

Doubling, the “heir” actor continued, “that is, ‘Edward Cesarhounds.’ If he came up with hand-made pale, scarred make-up on his face, there was nothing he could do.He did not, and then, he did even less.

Johnny Depp.
Cox is not a fan of the “overblown” and “overrated” debts.
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Golden Globe-winner Winnipeg suggested that Depp’s star power is slowly fading, “but people like him. Or they loved him. They love him so much these days, of course. If Johnny Depp goes for Jack Sparrow now, they will give it to Brendan Kleisson.”

Cox also praised director Spike Lee for putting actor Ed Norton “in his place” during the filming of “25th Hour” in 2002.

Brian Cox.
Brian Cox won the Golden Globe Award for his role in HBO’s “Heir” in 2020.
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“Ed Norton was in the film, he’s a good guy, but he’s a bit on the ass because he imagines himself as a writer-director,” Cox wrote.

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“He and I set this scene in a bar owned by my character. Spike set it up flawlessly, but Ed came in and said, ‘Now, I’m done some work on the script, I’m got some ideas and I want you to think about them. I have rewritten some of it … ‘

“Spike was like, ‘Oh, well, I’ll see.’

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