Boston father removed from heart transplant surgery list as vaccine deteriorates ‘very, very quickly’, family says

The Boston man who was Removed from the list of heart transplant surgery He was fighting for his life Tuesday after emergency heart surgery because he did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine, his family told Tucker Carlson.

DJ Ferguson, a 31-year-old father of two, another along the way, suffered heart failure and was admitted to Brigham and Gynecology Hospital. Ferguson was diagnosed with arrhythmia several years ago and was on the verge of undergoing heart transplant surgery, but was found ineligible when hospital staff found out he had not been vaccinated.Tucker Carlson tonight“On Wednesday.

Ferguson underwent an hour-long emergency open heart surgery on Tuesday as doctors tried to find temporary solutions to confirm him. But his family said his rapid decline made transplant surgery even more urgent.

Boston patient removed from heart transplant surgery list because he was not vaccinated: Family

“He was guided on a path to stop doing the procedures they said he deserved for heart transplant surgery. But he had to get vaccinated to get that transplant surgery. He got worse very quickly. Seek open heart surgery and do LVAD [left ventricular assist device] Mechanical pump “said the patient’s father David Ferguson.” So now my boy has a pump and he is recovering. He underwent surgery for seven hours.

DJ’s mother, Tracy Ferguson, said: “I’m devastated by this news. His longtime partner, Heather Dawson, praised the care the 31-year-old received from nurses and doctors, but said the hospital was “very sad to see this hanging over our heads at the last minute.”

Carl J. And Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Brigham and Women’s Hospital as part of Partners Healthcare and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. (Photo by Getty Images by Rick Friedman /
(Via Getty Images Rick Friedman / / Corbis)

“It’s scary. It’s so scary because his nurses are surprised. They were surprised at him. His doctors were surprised at him. But at the last minute he finished all the tests and it hung in our heads. It’s very sad that this is going to hang over his head, “Dawson told Carlson.

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The presenter asked if anyone had come to the aid of the family to correct what he said was a “moral atrocity” committed by the world-famous hospital.

“Not really,” Dawson said. “Basically except for the fundraising we did for ourselves. We are both self-employed small business owners. Other than that, we don’t get any help.”

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Hospital Told CBS Boston Its policy is consistent with other alternative surgery programs in the United States that require vaccination because it applies to candidates’ lifestyle behaviors. The hospital’s goal is to “create both the best chance of successful surgery and the patient’s survival after transplant surgery,” the report said.

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