Bengal win first playoffs 31 years after whistle error against Raiders | NFL

Joe Burroughs led a prolific offense with six drives, including his two touchdown passes, and Rookie Evan McPherson scored four field goals. Cincinnati Bengal They finally beat Las Vegas 26-19 in a wild card game on Saturday to advance to the playoffs.

It was a victory for the Bengalis in three decades. After the AFC went from bad to first in the North with a young list, they ended an uncomfortable seasonal drought of 31 years and eight consecutive defeats.

Bengal coach Zack Taylor said the owner of the Game Balls team is going to Mike Brown and the city.

“Some of them may not understand the significance of what happened today,” he said of his players. “The city can finally be admired … to ease the pressure on this team and the last 31 years. It was important to many today.

The Bengals had to survive the Raiders’ run to the nine-yard line in the last minute, but Derek Carr effectively interrupted the game by intercepting Jermaine Pratt in the fourth.

Burrow’s touchdown pass may have been allowed to count when he did not give it to Tyler Boyd. Las Vegas has reached the playoffs after winning the last four games, last winning the AFC Championship the following season.

Cincinnati lost four wickets in the second half with some controversy. Burrow curled to the right to avoid pressure and threw from near the side. The game continued despite an officer’s false whistle, thinking he had crossed the Burrow boundary. Boyd caught a 10-yard pass at the back of the final zone with a 20-6 lead. The play was counted, To the protests of the riders.

NFL Rule 7, Section 2, Article 1 (m) states: “[W]An officer whistles incorrectly while the ball is playing, and the ball dies instantly. Down. “

Las Vegas lost by seven points.

“It’s a big win for us, for the city, for the company,” said Burrow, who led the NFL in closing this season. “But we were expecting this, so it was not going to be a big celebration when we won the division. We took care of the business. It goes to the next round.

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