Aaron Rodgers becomes first quarterback to face an opponent four times in NFL playoffs

Quinn Harris / Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers He rewrote the record books throughout his Hall of Fame career and added another mark during Saturday night’s NFC Division playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers. But this post Green Bay Packers Legend does not want to do anything.

Rodgers became the first quarterback in NFL history after losing four times to an opponent in the Super Bowl era. San Francisco 49ers 13-10. Of those four setbacks, Green Bay scored 20 points or less.

Rodgers had previously drawn three matches with one opponent for more playoff losses. Philip Rivers Lost three times New England Patriots, Bernie Koser lost three times Denver Broncos, And John Brady lost three times Dallas Cowboys. In the quarterfinals with three defeats in the playoffs to an opponent, Rodgers is the only team to win the championship.

Rodgers finished 20 for 295 yards for 225 yards with no interruptions in the loss, and the following season he finished without any passing touchdowns. The Packers have failed to reach the Super Bowl the last three times they have been ranked No. 1, losing the first playoff game in two of those three times. The Green Bay Super Bowl has not reached the No. 1 spot since Brett Fawray quarterbacked them in 1996.

Rodgers has not advanced to the Super Bowl in each of his last nine playoff appearances, having only one Super Bowl appearance in his career. Whether Rodgers creates the Super Bowl again with the Packers will be looked at this season as he decides his future.

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